Fuel Cell system integration

Example of an application based on products, expertise and years of experience of balticFuelCells GmbH.

Electric vehicles are now well-established means of transport and gain an ever-increasing share of the market. Hydrogen offers numerous advantages for applications requiring long operating times and/or extensive ranges.

We offer various products for the light electric vehicle sector. To highlight the benefits of our products and services for this type of application, three slightly modified products were used to power a commercial pedelec with hydrogen.

Integrated components

  • LEV Stack - fuel cell stack with integrated BOP components
  • ECU - electronic control unit for our fuel cell stacks
  • EPR300 - electronic pressure regulator for hydrogen

Expertise contributed to the development of the pedelec

  • Design of complete systems using proprietary simulation software
  • Operation of fuel cell stacks on test benches
  • Operation of fuel cells stacks in specific system environments
  • Design and testing of fuel cell stacks and complete systems
  • Mechanical engineering - incl. FEM simulation
  • Electrical engineering - implementation of HW/SW alterations

In addition to this expertise, we offer extensive knowledge in the field of cell internal components for hydrogen-powered fuel cells, which enables the development of fully customised fuel cell stacks and systems.
Would you like to realise a tailored hydrogen application? Contact us and benefit from our extensive know-how in the field of fuel cells and hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Integrated system components at a glance

Fuel Cell Stack, optimized for this application

Fuel Cell Stack and peripheral components

Overview fuel cell box

Foto of the fuel cell box

Electronics configuration

Overview electronics box


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